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12 July 2022

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Seed Club Welcomes New Strategic Partners

The web is in crisis. The value created by communities on the internet is currently captured by platforms – and we believe this is a failure of the web. Web2 social unlocked unprecedented connectivity, but this came at the expense of our digital agency. We were forced to surrender our value in exchange for distribution.

We believe a brighter future is possible, where people, creators, and builders maintain ownership over the value they generate digitally. Web3 enables this alternative future through composable building blocks that unlock limitless possibilities for networks owned by the community that builds them. Yet we have work to do to discover the full potential of this novel technology, and to ensure that we don’t inadvertently recreate the wrongs of web2.

Seed Club is building a future where community-owned networks are the most powerful organizations on the planet. Through the Accelerator and our community we are the leading network for web3 DAO builders and operators who are assembling this bright future. Web3 technology gives communities super powers. It’s our job to figure out what those super powers are and how best to use them.

Our New Strategic Partners

We’re committed to accompanying our community of builders for the long haul, which is why we recently onboarded a cohort of new strategic partners to resource Seed Club through this next phase. This network expansion accomplishes two critical milestones for Seed Club.

The first milestone is our continued ability to support web3 builders and operators regardless of market conditions. Our new strategic partners allow us to strengthen our commitments to existing alumni, deepen our support of emerging DAOs, onboard and retain the best talent, and initiate exciting projects – all in service of enduring community-owned networks.

The second milestone is an expansion of our network. Our new strategic partners will propel the Seed Club network by providing both alumni and contributors with mentorship, connections, and hands-on implementation. These strategic partners are motivated to be engaged community members, and we’re equally excited to welcome them to the Club.

The strategic partners invited to formally join Seed Club are:

  • Union Square Ventures
  • The Chernin Group
  • Placeholder Ventures
  • Collab + Currency
  • Blockchain Capital
  • Framework Ventures
  • IDEO CoLab Ventures
  • Distributed Global
  • Kindred Ventures
  • Nascent
  • Palm Tree Crew Crypto
  • Multicoin Capital
  • The LAO
  • Road Capital
  • Hutt Capital
  • and 10 individual participants

“Web3 gives us a powerful new set of ‘Community Legos’ that have the potential to empower online communities with increased agency, ownership, and value. This set of tools is extremely exciting but also nascent. What we need is rapid and focused experimentation, informed by an engaged and growing community of practitioners. Seed Club is exactly that. USV is thrilled to support the Seed Club community as it pursues this important and transformative work.” - Nick Grossman, General Partner at Union Square Ventures

“Crypto uniquely enables companies and communities to build their foundation from the bottom up, versus top down. This presents an entirely new structure, one that's more participatory, engaging and equitable for individuals to contribute to and strengthen the companies and missions they support most. We believe Seed Club-- through the community they've built, their incredible people and their work to date-- will be on the forefront of pioneering the best ways to build these organizations of the future.” - Jarrod Dicker, GP @ TCG Crypto

"Web3 is a social and community technology -- and there is no stronger team thinking about the products, pain points, and potential of web3 communities than Seed Club. Collab+Currency is proud to join Seed Club on the journey as they power the most innovative and forward-thinking communities in crypto over the next decade." - Derek Edward Schloss, Partner at Collab+Currency

As groups from around the world have begun organizing as DAOs, Seed Club has cultivated the strongest community and brain trust for solving the early challenges that come with this new organizational framework. We’re thrilled to join Seed Club and the rest of the community and do our part in helping navigate the new frontier." - Aleks Larson, General Partner at Blockchain Capital

These new strategic partners join our existing network of collaborators:

Kristen Stone (Balancer), Jacob Horne (Zora), Trevor McFedries (Brud), Cooper Turley (Fire Eyes), Stani (Aave), Denis Nazarov (Mirror), Scott Moore (Gitcoin), Pri Desai (The LAO), Marc Weinstein (Mechanism Capital), Nima Ashgari (SCV), Patrick Rivera (Mirror), Packy McCormick (Not Boring), Andre Anjos ($RAC), Alex Masmej (Showtime), Connie Digital, Brian Flynn (Rabbit Hole), Carlos Gomes ($FF), Wong Joon Ian, Jordan Lyall ($MEME), Joyce Yang ($GCR), Louis Giraux (TwoPlus), Richard Kim ($RNG), Gmoney, Dave Smith, Brett Shear (Palm Tree Crew), Seth Goldstein (Bright Moments Gallery), Daniel Maegaard (SeedPhrase), Matthew Ferrick (NiftyGateway and 6 Agency), Reuben Bramanathan (IDEO CoLab), James Duncan (SZNS), Bradley Miles (Roll), Pet3r Pan (MetaCartel), Kevin Chou (Rally), James Young (Collabland), Bobby Ong (Coingecko), TM Lee (Coingecko), Lawson Baker (RaRa), Fire Eyes DAO, Eric Ashdown (Covalent), Ian Lee (SyndicateDAO), Andrew Steinwold (Sfermion), Zack Honarvar (One Day Entertainment), Matthew Shaw (Yolo Build Co.), Jake Brukhman (CoinFund), Megan Hannum, 0xElle, Launch House, Sfermion, Nascent, Lemnis Cap, Betaworks, Meta Cartel, The LAO, IOSG, Taureon, and Delphi Digital Ventures

Most of us at Seed Club have lived through previous market downturns, and many of us are students of history. Our collective lived experience is why we’re fundamentally optimistic about the future, and it’s why you often hear us saying, “Let’s thoughtfully f*cking go.”

As we approach the application period for our next cohort of the Accelerator, we’re thinking deeply about how Seed Club will sustain the most promising DAO builders and operators behind incredible community-owned networks. If this sounds like you, we invite you to join our network of brilliant individuals building the brightest version of our future.